Athletic Field Day 2020

Greetings Chargers,

Athletic Field Day is almost here! This year, it will be taking place on January 31st. It will be in the gym and out on the field. This is a very fun event for all the students! Each student will need to be dressed in the color shirt assigned to their class to match their classmates, which can be decorated with the Greek City State their class is representing. If your scholar is in section A their color is red, section B color is Yellow, and section C is blue. The Greek City State for each class is as follows: KA/3A are Athens, KB/3C are Crete, KC/3B are Croton, 1A/5B are Sparta, 1B/5A are Corinth, 1C/4C are Argos, 2A/5C are Macedonia, 2B/4A are Thebes, and 2C/4B are Persia. Students should wear athletic clothing free of pop culture references. Sports team and brand logos are acceptable on clothing.  Athletic shoes are mandatory (any color).  Hats and sunglasses may be worn.  Sunscreen must be applied at home.  Feel free to reach out with any questions. Have a great day and Go Chargers!

Best regards,
Coach Gethings

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